Past Royalty

2016-2017 Rice Street Festival Royalty Princess Maddie Smith, Queen Elizabeth Mark and Princess Maureen Oien




2015-2016 Rice Street Festival Royalty Princess Tori Leksen, Queen Elaina Hamann and Princess Effie Barnes

2014-2015 Rice Street Royalty Princess Amber Phillips, Queen Chelsea Bolier and Princess Inara Zahn


2013-2014 Rice Street Royalty Princess Molly Radke, Queen Tiffany Swenson and Princess Courtney Moore

2012-2013 Rice Street Royalty Ambassador Shakira (Jones) Bradshaw, Ambassador Peggy Ly and Ambassador Sarah Tobin

2011-2012 Rice Street Festival Royalty Princess Johannah Comee, Queen Lyz (Jensen) Carlson and Princess Becky (Gallagher) Zoellner

2010-2011 Rice Street Royalty Princess Krystle Igbo, Queen Ashleigh (Hayes) Farrell and Princess Ashley (Galloway) Humphrey

2009-2010 Rice Street Royalty Princess Alesha (Prior) Roach, Queen Madalyn Dosch and Princess Christa (Niznik) Marchuk

 2007-2008 Rice Street Royalty
Princess Monette (Moorman) Natus and Princess Tonya Wright
2004-2005 Rice Street Royalty